Women In Computer Science Club

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Details on Gladys Kenfack's talk

Gladys Kenfack

Bio :

BYU CS Alumni class of 03 is currently an SDET at Microsoft in the Server Security division. Future aspirations include Marketing, Project management and enterpreneurship.

Topics of the talk :

Her perspective as a woman engineer. Life at Microsoft.
Challenges. What does it take to be hired there.

She will also bring goodies for raffle

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Gladys Kenfack is going to be our next guest speaker. She is a BYU alumni and is now working for Microsoft. The talk by Gladys Kenfack is going to be in HBLL 3710 on April 13 at 12:00 - 12:50. She will talk about openings at Microsoft, how to prepare for interviews at Microsoft, what are some good skill sets to have. She will also be taking resumes.

Please RSVP to neharungta [at] gmail [dot] com , and plan on coming. She is flying down specially for us. Refreshements will be served.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movie Afternoon

Hello Everyone,

We are going to see a movie on March 25th, Saturday at 1:00 PM. It's in Room 120 TMCB. I thought it will be nice to have some different than the run of the mill Hollywood stuff. So, the movie is "Iqbal", its a Indian movie with subtitles. Its a movie about a deaf & dumb person growing up in small village without too much resources. The movie is about his journey in overcoming the hardships and achieving his dreams. Its a feel good movie which is funny yet touching. Feel free to bring some munchies. I am planning on bringing popcorn and some potato chips.

When the weather clears up and stops snowing, we are planning to have a picnic in the Kiwani's park. I am also trying hard to get a guest speaker in April.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Utah Women in Computing Day

Cecily at Univerisity of Utah has a very good idea of getting the Utah women in computing together. I have put her call for participation below. Anyone interested in joining or sponsoring this event can email cecily[at]cs[dot]utah[dot]edu or

The women in the School of Computing at the University of Utah have recently gotten together a more formally organized group. We thought it would be fun to have a day when all of the women in computing in Utah (at BYU, Utah, and USU) get together to meet and talk. Hopefully, such a day will give people a chance to get to know each other and possibly lay the foundation for future research collaboration. Right now, we envision a Saturday activity at the University of Utah on March 11 between 10-2:30 with a keynote address at 10, breakouts for faculty and grads at 11, lunch at noon, splitting into groups based on research area with everybody doing 5-10 minute research talks at 1, and then whole-group wrap-up at 2. Would you and/or the other women in computing at BYU be interested in this? Could you please send me a possible headcount of interested people and/or e-mail addresses by the middle of next week, so that we can determine if there is enough interest to continue planning the day?


Monday, January 30, 2006

Talk: Systems Programming in the Real World

Women in Computer Science Lecture Series #2

System Programming in the Real World
Vandana Rungta

February 9, 2006
3710, HBLL
12:00 PM – 12:50 PM

Vandana Rungta will talk about her experiences as a system programmer. The challenges in going from writing code for student projects to working on proprietary system code, to delivering code in the open source community.

Bio: Vandana Rungta is a Senior Software Engineer at Novell Inc. She has been with Novell for the last 12 years. The focus of her work is system programming, specifically File System development and is part of the team that designed and developed NSS (A 64-bit journaled file system) for NetWare and now open sourced and ported to Suse Linux. She has a Masters degree in EE from USU, Logan, Utah and Bachelors in EE from MSU, Baroda, India.

Refreshments will be served

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Club Meeting Annoucement

Welcome back to a fun filled semester. Hope everyone is settled into their classes by now. Its time to start our fun meetings for the Women in computing club. This is a club where the women in CS get together and have some fun. Our first meeting is
on Thursday, January 26 at 12:00-1:00. It is in Room 2036 JKB. Here is the plan for our first meeting.

  • Decide what things we want to do this semester.

  • Decide if we want to have a bowling or movie night sometime this semester as a fun activity.

  • The pizza was huge success last time, but Moriah is gone on her mission so we don't have source for free pizza anymore. So I thought lets do a junk food potluck for our first meeting. It will be great if any of you can either bake some cookies, or bring some soda etc.Basically anything that is easy for you to lay hands on.

  • Also, do a small show and tell. Irene had suggested that earlier and I think it would be a lot of fun. Basically bring maybe an article related to CS stuff, that you found was exciting. Share that with everyone.

  • I will bring flyers for distributing to women in 142/235/236. Kristine has volunteered to go to 235 and 236. Since Natalie is the 142 TA, she had offered to announce it in the 142 classes.

  • I have arranged for a Guest Speaker to give a talk about the challenges of
    developing open source systems. She has been working at Novell for the last 12 years. So tentatively I have planned to have her give the talk on Feb 9. This is the event we can publicize when we to the freshman classes promoting our club.

Hope to see everybody at the meeting

Friday, December 30, 2005

Upcoming Scholarship deadlines

Here are some really good scholarships for women in computing.

1. Society of Women Engineers. Scholarships

2. The Google Anita Borg Scholarship Info

3. AT&T Labs Fellowship program Info

4. Bell Labs Graduate Fellowship program Info

These are some prestigious scholarships for women specifically.